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Pacific Daylight Spanking Time

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It's all about Love

It's all about the Love

For me it all about the love
of giving and receiving that
"True Bottom Warming Experience"
and the "emotional and tear induced cleansing"
and comfort that takes place both
during and afterwards, trying not to focus,
at least for me, on the nasty,
sometimes terrible, burning pain
that is sometimes associated
with this unique and amazing kink.

"My Mammy", aka, CC, always knows how to
soothe and calm me, making the little boy
inside feel loved and cared for,
knowing all is forgiven.

What an incredible feeling
knowing that you have this
intimate connection with
another person who accepts
your spanking fetish
and cherishes you enough
to hold you accountable,
and bring that kind of emotion
to a "True Bottom Warming Experience! :-)

The Perfect Spanking Implement! :-}

The Perfect Spanking Implement! :-}

So beautiful and awesome to touch and look at.
Although it’s a whole other story wanting
the business end taken to your bare rear end
and upper thighs the good old-fashion way.

Be careful what you wish for!
I defy any man not to shed tears when a broad-backed, highly-polished wooden hairbrush is applied vigorously to your bare bottom

During certain levels of play,
discoloration of skin and or bruising can occur.
Caution and safe play is always advised! ;-)

D's Naughty Boy Treasure Chest

D's Naughty Boy Treasure Chest

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transported to the Treasure Chest!

101 Reasons Why A Women Should Spank Her Man

101 Reasons Why A Women Should Spank Her Man

"101 Reasons Why A Women Should
Spank Her Man"
(But Remember, You Only Need One Reason!)
Click on image to be taken to the page!

50. He wants you to spank him, that is why he showed you this list.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

She Secretly Delights

She Secretly delights♥

What a catch! 
A mature woman who 
believes that a man is never
 too old to be spanked, 
and secretly delights in taking 
a man over her knee 
for a very sound 
bare bottom spanking. 
She understands that a 
proper spanking is to 
be embarrassing and painful, 
and will not hesitate 
to apply a wooden hairbrush 
to a pair of naughty butt cheeks   
to proper effect. 
She alone always decides the length
 and severity of punishment 
and won't stop until she 
is satisfied with the results. 
Unaffected by apologies, tears, 
and pleas for mercy.  
Under her control, 
she secretly delights in 
turning a grown man 
into a tender bottomed tyke, 
setting his bottom on fire.

 She Secretly Delights
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Friday, March 27, 2015

I’d Never Had It Like This Before!

"I’d Never Had It Like This Before!"

Have you ever experienced that spine chilling, butt clenching moment when you know with absolute certain that you are about to have your bottom spanked? You have? Then you’ll know how I felt! Mammy stormed into the sitting room where our friend, Little Lisa and 
I were playing cards.
I had not had a good spanking for a few day but 
straight away I knew 
I was going to get one! 
We were in trouble, big trouble, smack-bottom trouble and I shivered in anticipation. I don’t think Little Lisa had realized but I did! 
Going over mammy knee
is no fun. 
But somehow I accepted, even though nothing had yet been said, that I was going over her knee now for a well smacked bottom and that I deserved it. Too late for regrets, too late for “Sorry” I knew what I was facing; 
can you face a smacked bottom?

Then she spoke and confirmed my worst fears. Little Lisa, our friend, burst into tears, of course whining her terrified apologies – to no avail!

“I’m going to smack your bare bottoms. You've been asking for this and now you’re going to get it. D's, …” that was me! “Get ready! 
Trousers down, please!”

There is nothing quite like taking your pants down for a maternal spanking! Nothing. It all came flooding back to me, I remembered the last time. It had not been fun! 

Mammy always had a most intimidating manner when punishment was in the offing. Her commands were always chillingly explicit and, 
I shivered, you could not get more 
explicit than that dread order 
"bare your bottom!” 
Like most men I knew there was no way out! 
I just had to cooperate, 
I would cooperate! 
It never occurred to me to 
object or resist or plead. 
Yes, she was going to spank my butt! 

Mammy left the room and I heard the chilling, unmistakable sound of her picking up that heavy Bottom destroying hairbrush from the hall stand.

I heard our friend Little Lisa
sniveling with shock and fright. 

I fumbled nervously with my pants and my bottom flinched as I managed to undo them 
and they fell away. 
My mind was crystal 
clear as I contemplated 
my punishment. 
I wondered where she was going to do it? 
Which chair or would it be 
the settee she sat on? 
Incongruously I worried about having to walk across the room with my pants round my ankles! I stood awaiting instructions with my 
bottom still safe in my underpants!

I watched her come back into the room and,
 yes, she held that clothes brush. 
I’d had the hairbrush when I was
 little but never that heavy Victorian hairbrush. 
I uttered a hopeless groan. 
That dude was going to hurt!

“And your pants!” she snapped.
“I know!” I snapped back! 
She responded “Don’t take that tone of voice with me, young man, you’re in 
enough trouble already.”

“Sorry, mammy” I cringed, eager 
not to displease her!
My pants came down and my bottom was bare. 
I looked at mammy. 
She returned my look grimly! 
Yes, this was going to hurt! 

Mammy took my arm and 
I wondered again where she 
was taking me for it. 
I was vaguely aware of our 
little friend who was 
watching my every move!
Was she desperately telling herself 
she was not going to have 
her bottom smacked? 
I was ready to be spanked but, 
I also, wondered, resentfully, 
whether she was going to 
get away without a spanking! 
Surely not, that wouldn't be fair!

Then came the surprise! Mammy did not lead me to a chair but simply positioned me so that I stood by her left side, I was puzzled, but not for long!

“Bend over! Hands on your knees, please, as she put some pressure on my back to help me to comply. My hands went to my knees and the cheeks of my bottom tightened somewhat. 
I was going to have it standing here! 
I’d never had it like that before! 

I felt her lift my shirt tail. 
It was all somewhat surreal! 
Here I stood, in the middle of 
our comfortable sitting room, 
my trousers round my ankles, 
pants down, my bottom bared. 
I found it difficult to believe that I, 
a big lad that I was, 
was about to be spanked! 
was soon to believe it.

“Now, keep still.”

And she started! 

SMACK! I flinched as I felt her 
first hard stinging whack across my bottom. 
I howled at the shock of that first smack.

I knew how things would develop, 
how the plump cheeks of my bottom 
would warm up, 
begin to tingle, 
to smart, 
to throb and to hurt! 
That was what made a domestic spanking so uniquely effective! It takes a long time and you know that before you are released you’ll have a very sore bottom and be 
feeling very sorry for yourself. 
I had wondered how it was going to feel! 

Now it all came back to me!
 SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Her smacks wandered all over my bare buttocks and down onto the top of my thighs. In increasing discomfort I shifted my position. 
Mammy saw my bottom, 
her target, move!

“Keep still! I've not finished with you yet! 
In fact I've hardly started!”  

“No, please! It hurts!” 
I whimpered pathetically.

“Of course it does. 
That’s what it’s for!” 
and she carried on smacking me briskly.

Standing there offering my bottom 
to her was not easy but 
I was determined to behave 
and take my punishment! 
I’d had my bottom spanked before, 
often enough, but then I’d been 
across her knee unable to escape. 
You can kick and squirm
 over the knee but can’t get away but now
 I could have pulled away. 

They make you stand and bend over for the school cane, of course, but that’s different. The cane, even six strokes, much as it stings, is soon over. I only ever had three!
This went on and on and I 
had to make myself keep still, 
put my bottom out and take it. 
It wasn't easy but I tried, 
really I did, to be a good boy! 
I had lost count, 40, 50, many, many more?
 I don’t know. 
I had been determined to behave
myself and ‘take my medicine’ 
but now it hurt too much! 
I’d had enough. 
It hurt so much and 
I didn't want any more! 
I tried to break her grip. 
She stopped smacking!

“If you can’t keep still I’ll take you to the settee and put you across my knee like a baby! 
Now behave!”

But I couldn't ! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Big boy though I was I was close to tears. My hand went round to protect my poor, battered seat,

“Right!” she said grimly “If that’s how you want it.” and I found myself being dragged across the room, stumbling with my pants round my ankles and with my bare bottom ablaze. 
She seated herself on the settee 
and pulled me down across her lap! 
I really started to howled!

“No, mammy, please. 
NO! I’m sorry, I’m sorry” 
My bottom was so sore!

Mammy settled me into place!


Now I could not get away but, at least, I didn't have stand there and be brave. 
She held me down and, I’m not too proud to admit it, I sobbed like a little 
girl while she sated her temper 
on the blazing mounds 
of my bare, tortured rear!


“Now, I hope you've learned your lesson. 
Get down”

So there I was standing, my blazing bottom on full view having been dumped unceremoniously off mammy's lap. She had made me get to my feet and told me not to pull my pants up. I was shaken, humiliated, embarrassed and soundly, soundly punished. It hurt! I had never had such a smacking before. But at least it was over.

I watched mammy get to her feet 
and turn to Little Lisa!

Little Lisa stood transfixed, 
weeping copiously, 
and who can blame her! 
Mammy was about to set her bottom on fire. 

“Now you listen to me young lady” said mammy “If I ever have to do that again it will not just be D who has his bottom smacked! Just because you’re a young lady doesn't mean you can’t go over my knee. Girls bottoms are made for smacking too and girls knickers come down too. Do you understand?”

Gradually it dawned on Little Lisa that 
she was spared this time! 
“Yes, mammy” she whispered 

I was sent to our room to think! 
I would not be too keen for 
a repeat performance but, 
even now with my bottom blazing, 
I did not resent what had just happened. 

Most guys, and certainly this one, 
accept without demur mammy’s 
absolute right to punish me. 
Frankly, it is in our genes to 
accept the discipline of 
any fine strict woman
 whether it be mammy, 
a teacher, 
 even an elder sister. 

Let’s be honest, many men have a secure knowledge that
mammy will spank! 
and yes, she means it. 

With Mammy you know where you stand, 
it establishes the parameters within 
which you and she work.

Where would we naughty boys be without it? 
I tenderly stroked my bottom and thought about what had just happened. 
It would all be alright when 
she had forgiven me, 
and she would forgive me but not just yet. 
Fair enough, 
I deserved every burning
 smack of that nasty old brush! 

It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stronger, Wiser and Smarter!

I'm stronger because of my hard times, 
wiser because of my mistakes, 
 smarter because of my many
 moments over the knee, 

and a lot more fun 
thanks to my Mammy! ☺

Stronger, Wiser and Smarter!
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Butt Bongos

Butt Bongo

Imagine the fun you and
 your partner can have
playing Butt Bongo,
it’s playful but sexy 
at the same time.♥
We could have a lot of fun listening 
to the different sounds of 
the paddle and the different 
operas they produce. ♥
One of our favorite forms 
of spanking is Butt Bongo. ♥
 Having my butt playfully
 used as a musical instrument 
is such a turn on.♥
I'm always up for a 
round of butt bongo.
We will start out slow, 
and work our way to up to 
a long solo drum roll.♥

Playing Butt Bongo!
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Beautiful Female Ass Spankers #17

I have to admire these ladies
 seriousness and belief in taking us 
naughty boys to new levels of discipline♥

De-macho-ing, (adj)
The act of changing ones attitude.
This is what will be needed:
1. The tool is the hairbrush. 
2. The power is a 
Beautiful Female Ass Spanker.
3. The means is a sound spanking.

Makes you want to throw yourself
 over their laps, 
bare bottom up.
 Beautiful Female Ass Spankers
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Friday, March 20, 2015

Good Old Fashioned Goodness

 Slapping some good old 
fashioned goodness into
a pair of naughty butt cheeks!
I especially approve when
I'm one on the receiving end.
 Slapping Some Goodness 
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sweet or Nasty

 You've such awesome partner. 
Always having your act together,  
taking care of business.
Keeping your space clean.
I feel though what you really need is
my hand spanking that 
oh so sweet ass of yours.
Maybe you've been really naughty, 
and need to feel 
my belt snapping 
at your nasty ass.
Sweet or Nasty 
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!